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A partnership reinforcing the link between Lavazza and international cuisine

The worldwide journey of Lavazza coffee arrives at Identità Golose, the Italian congress dedicated to signature cuisines with the goal of promoting Italian culinary tradition and innovation around the world.

Identità Golose events were recently held at Eataly Chicago and Eataly New York during the first week of October.

It is no coincidence that Eataly was chosen as the events’ locations. Eataly, ‘the home of Italian food’, and Lavazza have partnered up to create special coffee-based beverages to offer to customers who would like to experience 100% Italian quality. Eataly New York and Chicago are but Lavazza’s latest stages in the journey throughout the world of gourmet cuisine, which started in 1998 with the creation of Lavazza’s Training Center and research division.

Renowned chefs including as Albert Adrià, Denny Imbroisi, Davide Oldani and Massimo Bottura have collaborated with Lavazza, adding their own touch of ingenuity and creativity to the recipes.

Identità Golose Chicago

Chef Carlo Cracco partnered with Lavazza to create a unique recipe for the Identità Golose Chicago event.

His delicious recipe featured risotto with coffee and milk, served in a cappuccino cup. The coffee of choice in this recipe is Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! Brazil 100% Arabica Espresso blend, a full-bodied, smooth and velvety espresso with notes of caramel and hazelnut.
Quality recipes, such as Carlo Cracco’s risotto with coffee and milk, require a meticulous selection of fine ingredients combined with an expert chef’s skills and techniques.