Prepare the packs and fold the rectangles Create the links Fitting together and continue the chain: you’ve started to create the weave! Create the other chains Stitch with needle and thread Apply the zip: your bag is ready!

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Make your own clutch bag

  1. DIY Pochette using Lavazza coffee packaging.

    Don’t throw away the packs of your favorite moka blend: keep them to make a creative and original 100% green bag.

  2. 1 Prepare the packs

    Keep about 25 packs of your favorite Lavazza coffee.
    Clean well on both sides to get rid of imprints and marks.
    Cut out 1 1/8 in (10.5 cm) x 2 in (5 cm) rectangles.

  3. 2 Hold the rectangles

    • Turn the rectangles over with the silver part facing up.
    • Fold each rectangle on its vertical half to mark the center.
    • Re-open the rectangle and fold each half of the rectangle over itself.
    • The rectangle’s outer edges should now be facing towards the center.
    • Refold along the vertical center, overlapping the two halves.
  4. 3 Create the links

    Refold the element on its horizontal half, following the images.
    This should give you a small multi-layer rectangle with an ideal size of 1 in (2.5 cm) x ½ in (1.2 cm).
    Place it under a weight or in a paper clip to flatten the edges.
    You first link is ready.

  5. 4 Fitting toghether

    Take the end of a link and slot them into the two halves of another link.
    Firmly stick the two internal sides of the links together to form a V.

  6. 5 Continue the chain

    Now take another link.
    Pass its two ends inside one of the two links forming a V.
    Continue your chain adding a new link every time, making sure the links are always inserted in the same direction.

    You have started to create the weave!

  7. 6 Create the other chains

    Continue until you’ve got a chain about 19 in (48 cm) long.
    You need about 6 chains to make your bag.

  8. 7 Stitch with needle and thread

    Once you’ve woven the chains, stitch them together using a nylon thread, until you’ve created a strip.
    Fold it in half and stitch the edges leaving one long side free.

    Make a knot in the thread

  9. 8 Apply the zip

    You’re almost there!
    Sew a button or a zipper onto the open side of your bag.

  10. Your bag is ready!

    You can choose to make it with just one color or in a patchwork style.
    What’s the special occasion you’ll wear it at?

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