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Learn more about our four new coffee blends


The Lavazza story begins in 1895 in Turin, Italy, where Luigi Lavazza opened a boutique grocery shop specializing in roasting coffee.  Since then, four generations of the Lavazza family have been dedicated to promoting the quality, innovation, creation and sharing of authentically Italian espresso and coffee experiences.

Using Lavazza’s coffee expertise, the four newly introduced K-Cup® Packs – Gran Aroma, Classico, Gran Selezione, and Perfetto – consist of beans from a variety of carefully selected origins.  Each coffee is blended and roasted through dedicated processes, to create a range of flavor intensities and taste profiles.

Discover drip coffees

What's the difference between coffee capsules and coffee pods?

Both are compact, convenient and packed with flavor, but capsules and pods are two different things entirely.

Coffee capsules: You'll find a selection of these in our K-Cup range. They're generally plastic or aluminum cylinders filled with a single serving of coffee.

Coffee pods: Sometimes known as ESE pods (easy serving espresso), these are made from a tea bag-like material, with ground coffee packed into the paper pod.

Medium roast, smooth & aromatic, with citrusy notes. Dedicated to coffee connoisseurs.
Medium roast, rich & full-bodied, with hints of dried fruit. Ideal for your morning ritual.
Dark roast, intense and chocolatey. 100% sustainably grown coffee that comes exclusively from Rainforest Alliance™ certified farms.
Espresso roast, dark and velvety with a lingering caramel finish. Dedicated to espresso lovers.
Emiliano Ponzi for Lavazza

Emiliano Ponzi is a freelance illustrator, “Working at this campaign I was inspired by the legacy of the Lavazza family”.

Alberto Baccari for Lavazza

Alberto Baccari is the art director who created the USA and Canada Lavazza campaign presenting the four new specialty drip coffee blends.

Luca Barcellona for Lavazza

Luca Barcellona is the calligrapher and graphic designer who worked on the Lavazza campaign presenting the four new specialty drip coffee blends.