On the occasion of World Tennis Day, the Turin-based company celebrates an example of Made in Italy excellence that has conquered the hearts of tennis lovers


Turin, March 5, 2018 - On the occasion of World Tennis Day, Lavazza celebrates its strong ties to the sport. The partnership was forged in 2011 on the courts of Wimbledon, the world’s oldest and most famous tennis tournament, rich in the traditions and values cherished by Lavazza: excellence, tradition, passion and innovation. Coffee, the Made in Italy symbol, at the heart of the historic brand that leads the market in Italy, rapidly became part of the daily experience of the British tournament, joining the ranks of other classic symbols of Wimbledon such as Pimm’s or strawberries and cream.


The love affair has deepened over the years, with Lavazza picking up the gauntlet and winning over the prestigious courts of the French Open, the U.S. Open and the Australian Open year after year. This makes it the only brand in the world to partner all four of the Grand Slam tournaments, which bring together fans and athletes from all over the world every year.


As a leader in the coffee sector, a symbol of Italian excellence around the world and a company that has always focused on quality,” explains Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of the Group, “Lavazza has chosen to address the millions of tennis fans around the world because coffee and top-level tennis have more in common than might be imagined. In fact, we share many values including tradition, innovation, ritualism, internationalism, and above all, passion”.


True coffee lovers also feature among the sport’s champions, many of whom have partnered with Lavazza over the years and taken on leading roles in numerous initiatives and events, both sporting and otherwise. Pat Cash and Annabel Croft, Wimbledon victor Goran Ivanisevic, Italian tennis icon Adriano Panatta and the world’s number one female tennis player Caroline Wozniacki; right up to the present day, with Toni Nadal and Carlos Moyà (from Rafael Nadal’s team) and the tennis legend Andre Agassi.


The American champion, winner of eight Grand Slam tournaments and six-time world number one, has not only been a Lavazza brand ambassador since 2016, but is also a passionate coffee aficionado. “The first thing I have in the morning”, Andre Agassi has revealed, “is a cup of black coffee, which eases me nicely into the day”.


And it’s hard to disagree. Agassi is certainly not the only fan of the beverage. On average, 27 billion espresso cups of Lavazza coffee are consumed around the world every year.


The qualities of coffee, which has by now won a place for itself as an integral part of the history, lifestyle and culture of contemporary society, not only include its aromatic, intense flavor, but also its energy-giving properties, which make it a valuable resource for those who engage in physical activities, whether professionally or not. This is also backed up by the ISIC (Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee - https://www.coffeeandhealth.org/about-us/ ), which has recently published the results of a study on the positive effects of coffee on various types of physical activities. Specifically, it was shown that even a small quantity of caffeine, about 3 mg/kg of body weight, not only improves performances by 2%, but also increases concentration and energy levels (the full study is available at the following link - https://www.coffeeandhealth.org/topic-overview/sportsperformance/ ).


In short, coffee and sport make for a winning combination. And speaking of winning, did you know that at the Hopman Cup in Perth in January 2015, the world’s number one female tennis player Serena Williams, who was losing 6-0 after the first set, turned the match around for a victory over the Italian player Flavia Pennetta after ordering and drinking an espresso on the court?