Fresh Roasted
Tradition that everyone can see
Coffee roasted on the spot to enjoy aromas from distant lands, exactly as Luigi Lavazza did in his first grocery store. To allow you to appreciate the aroma and texture in the shop then to take all the flavor home.

All selections are exclusive, valuable and high-quality, and come from countries around the world. They are delivered raw in the shop and processed using a special roaster.


Ethiopia - Guatemala - El Salvador - this blend combines the best of their precious origins: the floral scents of Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffees and the chocolate of El Salvador. It is a delicate coffee, with pleasant acidity, hints of cherry and melon, and a sweet aftertaste.

El Salvador

Las Nubes: This coffee comes from one of the best farms in El Salvador, located near the Santa Ana volcano, which fertilizes the soil with its lava. It is rich and balanced on the palate, with a pleasant acidity and hints of milk chocolate.


Fazenda Progresso: La Fazenda Progresso has only been growing coffee since 2006. Harvested by hand, once the flesh has been removed from the cherries, they are dried on wooden boards. The coffee is full-bodied, lively and balanced, with hints of chocolate and peanut butter.


Kangocho means “an angular place,” and it is here, on the angular terraces of a hill in Kenya, that this coffee is cultivated. Its taste is delicate with floral notes, as the cherries are washed, the flesh removed, fermented then dried to gives the coffee its sweetness.


El Morito: A group of small producers in a place near Jalapa produce this blend, which they process with a natural method. The coffee has a lively acidity that makes it fresh, with notes of berries and fruit and a delicate body.