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Take your time. Making coffee with a Moka Pot is an ancient ritual. The Carmencita Gift Pack is perfect for any coffee connoisseur.













A coffee gift for a coffee lover

Carmencita is Lavazza’s iconic coffee maker, dating all the way back to the 1970’s. The Moka pot is a stove-top preparation method used to brew an authentically Italian cup. Today, Carmencita has come all the way to the United States in an exclusive coffee gift pack which also includes one can of Caffè Espresso ground coffee.

Get inspired by our Moka coffee preparation

Learn how to prepare with Carmencita below

for an Italian coffee experience at home.

How To Brew With A Carmencita Moka:

1. Unscrew the Carmencita Moka pot and fill the base chamber with water

just below the pressure relief valve.


2. Insert the funnel filter on top and fill it with finely

ground Lavazza coffee until slightly above full (do not pack tightly).


3. Tightly screw the top chamber back onto the

base and place on the stove to brew at medium-low heat.


4. The water will boil, and coffee will begin to come out of

the center of the top chamber, making a gurgling noise.


5. When the top is full, remove from the stove.

In its first iteration,

Carmencita was featured in

a series of very popular cartoon

ads on Italian television. The

undisputed queen of a

surreal, western-style soap

opera written by Armando

Testa, Carmencita became a

household name from 1965 to

1977; it was on TV every evening.

Carmencita was the product

of Marco Zanuso’s creative

inspiration and was turned

into a coffee maker. It was

distinguished by a handle

fitted at a 90° angle to allow

easier grip and handling

compared to the classic moka

pot. It became a sought-after

design object for all coffee


Lavazza entrusted the

restyling of the moka pot to

Polytechnic of Turin The

strength and originality of the

design have remained intact

and the sleek, black color

makes it more contemporary

than ever. It is an accessory

that is much more than

functional, becoming a

modern and timeless item of decor.