Discover the authentic taste of Italy with 

Lavazza Classico.

Lavazza Classico. True quality is timeless.

Savor Lavazza, a rich and full-bodied blend delivering a unique aroma you are sure to savor.

Enjoy our signature blend as an essential part of your daily coffee ritual.

Lavazza Classico blends arabica and robusta beans from South America and Africa and are mildly roasted to deliver a well-balanced cup of drip coffee and the aroma of dried fruit. Now available also in 20 oz ground and 12 oz whole bean bags. Enjoy this aromatic blend by preparing it with a drip coffee maker, a French press, or with convenient K-Cup® Pods.

Choose your favorite size. Available in ground 12 oz

& 20 oz, 12 oz whole beans and

K-Cup® Pods.

Enjoy the many ways to savor

the authentic taste of

Lavazza Classico.

Discover new ways to enjoy a classic taste of Italy.

The most fragrant coffee aromas and the rich texture of almond. Enjoy Classic with one of the most amazing, pure Italian-flavored recipe: the Salento-style coffee.