Always ready anytime, any day

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enjoy an authentic Italian espresso.

The most compact machine with a sleek design providing you the perfect espresso or lungo at a touch of a button.

Find your favorite Lavazza coffee blend


Espresso at a touch of a button


Discover our Lavazza BLUE capsules

A brand-new Lavazza BLUE capsule system offering a variety of blends to satisfy any palate.


Our capsules preserve the essential freshness, aroma and flavor of the Lavazza coffee experience guaranteeing top quality and consistency.

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Top Class

Gold Selection


Gran Espresso Dark Roast

Caffè Crema

Top Class x2

Gran Espresso Dark Roast x2

Gold Selection x2



Every moment is the right one for your favorite espresso, with Lavazza Classy Mini.



Lavazza Classy Mini: a detail of excellence also in your home

Efficient and easy to use, the Lavazza BLUE Classy Mini is the perfect machine for you. Intuitive and practical, in its exclusive elegant blue color it is ideal for satisfying the desire for a coffee in the comfort of your home.

With Lavazza BLUE premium coffee capsules, you will able to savor the excellence in every cup.

Lavazza Classy Mini