Lavazza Cold Brew
<p>A refreshing boost<br>

A refreshing boost

Cold Brew coffee is naturally sweeter, higher in caffeine, providing a smooth taste and energy boost.

<p>A new brewing method<br>

A new brewing method

Offers a great, new refreshing, round and rich experience.

<p>Iced or Nitro Infused</p>

Iced or Nitro Infused

As it is, or nitrogen-infused for a rich, creamy head and a spectacular

long-lasting effect.

Cold Brew Coffee is getting hot.

The best option to meet the need of a refreshing natural caffeine boost: its smooth aromatic  profile comes from a selection of origins 100% Colombian washed Arabica. ¡Tierra! Colombia Cold Brew has been especially created to eliminate that sharp, unpleasant “bite” coffee drinkers tend to hide with sugar and milk.









































A natural and sustainable proposal that makes a cold brew coffee an even better experience.

¡Tierra! Colombia is cultivated in the Meta region, where Lavazza helped over a hundred farming families to restore their plantations and is one of the very first certified cold brew by the RFA, as Lavazza ¡Tierra! is a project developed in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance.  Its sweetness goes alongside notes of grapefruit, red fruit, bergamot and honey and makes this blend the perfect choice for a perfect cold brew.

Iced or Nitro?

Enjoy these great recipes

Try a Passion Me

Cold Brew


• 2 oz Cold Brew

• ½ oz simple syrup

• 3 oz Ginger Ale

• 1 passion fruit

• 2 sprigs of mint

• 5 oz ice cubes


Empty a passion fruit and place the pulp

in a 12oz Lavazza glass. Add the simple syrup

and 1 sprig of mint. Gently muddle. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Pour the Ginger Ale and top off with Cold Brew. Decorate with the additonal sprig of mint. Serve.

Discover the Cold Nutty Nitro


• 3 oz Nitro Cold Brew

• 1 oz hazelnut syrup eg. Monin, Torani, Fabbri

• 5 oz almond milk

• 3 oz ice cubes



Fill the 12oz glass halfway with ice cubes.

Pour the hazelnut syrup and the almond milk.

Top off with Nitro Cold Brew. Serve.

Perfect machine to create Cold Brew and
Nitro-Infused Cold Brew beverage

-Integrated gas generator built in, no need for tanks or nitrogen generators.

-The machine has dual-tap design which gives a craft experience with ease in multiple beverage formats. Chilled nitro or still cold brew are both on tap from the same bag-in-box.

-It has a narrow footprint which saves counter space and best in class energy use













A turn-key system to taste the greatest cold brew.

Cornelius Nitro Pro Mini features a machine cooler dispenser working with a bag-in-box of coffee concentrate and no additional nitro tank outside the machine is needed.

This product is COLD CHAIN, meaning no preservatives added and it is brewed, stored and delivered cold.



It stands on the table top
Nitro effect through an air valve
On board gas generation technology
UL/NSF certificated
Lavazza customization available
Type of connection w/Lavazza product: through refrigerated Bag in Box store inside the machine





Discover project ¡Tierra!