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Anayibe, a Book among Coffee Beans

Published on 28 March 18

My name is Anayibe Pineda Treviño and I’m 14 years old. I would love to study far away and then return home.


I go to the Eurocapiones La Señora del Carmen School and when I get home, I continue studying in the fields by helping my grandmother Carmen to work on the land and harvest and dry coffee. At her side, I seem to learn even more. 

I love my family and my community; my grandmother is my role model: She works on the land and grows coffee. She has a husband and children, she does everything she can for them and me, and keeps telling me that my studies will help me prepare for my future.


I come from such an incredible place. It’s so high up in the mountains that sometimes the clouds float below me; I can see my future here and I foresee it will be excellent.


I am learning the secrets of the land and I am studying how to work on it in a sustainable manner, to make it yield more coffee, and more life. My family has been working here for generations; I learn and carry on their knowledge and experience.


Mine is a new way of taking care of the earth and of them: I’ll do it with books.    


Anayibe Pineda Treviño is one of the protagonists of the 2016 Lavazza calendar – From father to son

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