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Somboun Saj Boukea, a Life Dedicated to the Red Earth of Laos

Published on 28 March 18

My name is Somboun Saj Boukea, and I am a farmer from Paksong. We've been producing coffee since the 1920s.


For 64 years, I have lived in the village of Katuan, in the district of Paksong and I belong to an agricultural community where the cultivation of coffee represents 90% of the activities; I work with the coffee myself.


The coffee that we plant in this region is demanded all over the world; it is a good product, with a delicious taste and that is why we are all committed to working with Olam and Lavazza to improve the practices of coffee cultivation and processing.


Currently we are dealing with climate change problems, which kill plants and compromise their quality; the goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions because clean air means good productivity.

I take it upon myself every day to keep the Earth alive and healthy, to develop and improve it.
Everyone here wants nature to always be among us and not be destroyed, so we work in a sustainable way to enrich it.


Somboun Saj Boukea is one of the featured individuals in the 2017 Lavazza calendar – We Are What We Live

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