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The Earth Defenders: the guardians of the Earth, behind the lens.

Published on 28 March 18

Thirty-six shots, one for each page of the three calendars dedicated to the Earth Defenders. A river of emotions: boldness, pride, love and toil, fixed forever by three great photographers of international fame.


Lavazza entrusted Steve McCurry with the first calendar of the trilogy, that of 2015.

He is a photographer known for the artistic sensibility he uses to tell the human story during war conflicts, in cultures that are disappearing and in ancient and modern traditions.



“When Francesca Lavazza proposed this project I was excited and honored.”


Steve has pledged to pay tribute to Africa, to its people with their great dignity, tradition and history. To honor its men and especially its women who do the hardest work.


He managed to capture the great soul of the continent, the energy and dignity, by portraying the food and traditions related to the land. Traditions that the guardians of the Earth preserve for their children, in the spirit of sacrifice and great passion.    




And it is this generational transition between fathers and sons, together with the new world vision that the young teach to their elders, that is the subject of the second calendar, set in Latin America and entrusted to Joseph Anthony Lawrence.


Joey L. is a Canadian photographer already renowned for exploring distant territories to discover cultures such as India and Ethiopia. His photos, taken for Lavazza, show real and extraordinary subjects in normal situations, with the intention of portraying these incredible agricultural practices and making them known to all.


“We have invested a lot of time, resources and especially passion in these photos.”


Each shot depicts the theme, From father to son, with a perfect balance between a new world vision and skills handed down from the distant past.    




“This collaboration with Lavazza has been a unique and magical experience.”


This statement by Denis Rouvre expresses the thought shared by the three photographers involved in the entire project, which closed in Asia in 2017 with the French photographer, known for his distinctive sensitivity.


From the start, he found the last calendar’s subject We are what we live of great interest and stimulating from a creative point of view, portraying man in relation to his environment.

To do this, he associated two images in a very formal way: on one side the human being with his customs laid bare, on the other, a place, a geography, a landscape.



He has photographed indigenous peoples, farmers and people who live by the sea, finding their environment reflected in their faces and in their character. In each of these people, he saw heroes who live in close contact with their lands: their lives are not easy, but they are at peace.


Steve, Joey and Denis, after the photo shoots, admit that they came home having learned a huge lesson about life. The hope is that they have managed to convey the feelings that they experienced, and that those images may change the way they are seen, in everything.    

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