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Delicious Identities – special recipes from the Cerea brothers and Davide Oldani

Published on 11 October 17

One espresso, two recipes, three Michelin star chefs.
Tradition, research and innovation combine in an updated interpretation of the typical Italian breakfast, to celebrate the 4th edition of Delicious Identities.


The brothers Roberto and Enrico Cerea of Identità New York and Davide Oldani of Identità Chicago give us their personal “Buongiorno!” together with Lavazza, the sponsor of the initiative, by creating two exclusive recipes worthy of the finest Italian restaurant.

“A breakfast delicacy: the pleasure of starting the day with something sweet, which satisfies both the soul and palate.”
Roberto Cerea

A muffin cooked to perfection with a soft yogurt and coffee cream: a combination that expresses its perfection when savored in the morning along with an espresso. A breakfast that instantly creates a sense of home and family, awakening the joy of being with each other.


The taste and the unique aroma of coffee: they add character and act as a fil rouge connecting these recipes. The two brothers have chosen to crush the coffee beans, which undergo a second semi-roasting in the oven, an essential step to awaken all their organoleptic traits.


A simple recipe with the scent of home, for an Italian “Buongiorno!”
Family and childhood memories are behind chef Davide Oldani’s creation.

“An Italian-style snack, dominated by coffee and accompanied by traditional flavors.”
David Oldani

The creator of pop cuisine, Davide Oldani, always directs his research towards a fusion between the concepts of tradition, high quality and accessibility. This has led to an almost decade-long tight working relationship with Lavazza.


It is precisely his continuous return to tradition, in an ever more advanced society, which has inspired this creation.
Oldani proposes a coffee prepared in a moka pot, accompanied by 3 fresh fruit jams and light, delicate bread made using an innovative technique: the siphon.


A quintessentially Italian snack, with fragrances and flavors capable of transporting you back through time.

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