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Good morning from Lavazza, Deliveroo, and chef Filippo La Mantia

Published on 10 October 17

Enjoy the unmistakable quality of the Lavazza Single Origin coffee and the excellence of the Italian culinary tradition at home, thanks to Lavazza and Deliveroo.

Can you imagine a better way to celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay?

On Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, Lavazza launched a unique initiative, in collaboration with Deliveroo, the popular home food delivery service: a limited-edition gourmet breakfast for 2 people, signed by chef Filippo La Mantia, to be ordered from the comfort of your sofa.

Sweet or savory, the menu satisfied all palates: in addition to a pack of Lavazza Single Origin coffee, Cereja Passita or Selva Alta, people were given the choice between Kraffa donuts and arancini with lime pesto.

To complete the special box, two exclusive Single Origin cups and an induction moka pot.


An initiative that tempted a lot of haute cuisine enthusiasts who were able to enjoy an exceptional breakfast, with genuine Made in Italy flavors.


Lavazza, together with Deliveroo, has thus strengthened its close ties with the most innovative technological trends; with a simple click, the people of Milan enjoyed a unique gastronomic experience directly in the comfort of their homes.

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