Cultivate better to live better
The Lavazza Foundation is working in the territories of Uganda to help the population optimize its efforts in the cultivation of the most precious fruit of the coffee plant.
The challenge

During the last ten years in Uganda, the coffee trade has come to represent 20% of the national income.

Despite the remarkable dependence of the population on coffee, its agriculture continues to be poorly developed due to unreliable and inefficient technologies, leading to the production of a low-quality coffee.

Improving the quality of life of farmers' families.

Strengthening the position of women along the production chain.

To 6,000 farmers, the transfer of knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to adopt a series of sustainable practices and improve the harvest.
The answer

The Lavazza Foundation is supporting a project through which good agricultural practices are taught to farmers, also with reference to climate change and supporting them with coordination and training activities.