Technology, beyond the earth
Lavazza's innovation, together with the Carcafè Foundation, puts itself at the service of the centuries-old Colombian tradition to enhance, develop and optimize the cultivation of coffee in the region.
The challenge

Meta is an isolated rural Colombian region which, over the years, has suffered the violence of the war and the spread of illegal crops.
It is a region of ancient coffee-growing tradition and one whose production of high-quality coffee may be the driver for its redemption.

Training producers on coffee cultivation methods, with a focus on quality and sustainability.

Improving the infrastructure available to producers for better cultivation of the coffee.

Increase the competitiveness of the region through better access to technology.
The answer

The Lavazza Foundation has joined forces with the Carcafè Foundation in a project of support for one hundred coffee producers in the Meta region which, for two consecutive years, have obtained Rainforest Alliance certification. The cultivation techniques, as well as the profitability of their product, are increasing.

In addition, the Lavazza Foundation has supported a project to improve access to technology and the internet in the remote areas of coffee cultivation, created by the ALO and MAKAIA organizations.