The culture of coffee for the culture of the family
The challenge

Uganda, as well as being the birthplace of Robusta coffee, also has the youngest population in the world, with 78% of inhabitants less than 30 years old.

About a million and a half families rely on coffee production as the main source of income. However, due to poor harvests and lack of key services such as transaction management, earnings remain very low compared to its potential, as does the competitiveness of the product on the market. Moreover, the cultural problem of the poor appreciation of women's work contributes to inefficient management of resources at the family level.

Support the professional development of 8,000 farmers and their families.

Increase the competitiveness of the coffee sector through the professionalization of farmers.
The answer

The Lavazza Foundation participates in an International Coffee Partners project, thanks to which around 10,000 farmers are trained on good agricultural practices.

It also promotes market access through the marketing and increase of contractual power.

The focus of the project is also addressing the problem of gender discrimination: to deal with this, activities for the enhancement of the role of women, as well as the involvement of their families, are carried out in order to make them understand the importance of collaboration in family relationships.