United for a new dawn of coffee
International Coffee Partners and Lavazza are embarking on a training and support course in the most fertile and productive areas of the Trifinio region.
The challenge

In Trifinio (the border region between Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) coffee is the main source of income, around 70%, and around 7,000 families in the region rely on it for their day-to-day livelihood. However, despite the important economic and environmental function of coffee in the area, its cultivation is not making the most of its potential.

Create value through the introduction of modern, efficient and effective production techniques.

Train entrepreneurs by reinforcing the associative and cooperative structures.

Support young people in the development of their professional career.

The answer

The Lavazza Foundation has intervened through International Coffee Partners, which has organized training sessions in the field of agronomy and finance, and promoting adaptation to climate change.

In addition, funds have been set up for the creation of contamination reduction processes and for the improvement of coffee quality.

Special attention is paid to young people through the Generaciones project, which provides for the organization of vocational training courses for young people in the area, so that they can develop their own entrepreneurial activities on site.