Coffee Defenders:

a path from coca to coffee, a documentary by Lavazza

Lavazza is transforming coca plants growing in Colombia into coffee plants. Discover how on Amazon Prime Video.

The documentary by Lavazza


Coffee Defenders: a path from coca to coffee is a documentary movie promoted by Lavazza and directed by Oscar Ruiz Navia. It tells the story of the Meta Colombia region, full of coca plantations, where coffee has become a symbol of change. The coffee that grows throughout Meta is tangible proof that humanity can do good. A proof that deserves protection.

From war to peace, from coca to coffee.

Discover the journey to Colombia.


¡Tierra! projects


Thanks to the Coffee Defenders ¡Tierra! projects, under the guidance of Lavazza Foundation, the living conditions have improved while respecting the environment. Today Lavazza offers a premium range of ¡Tierra! products sourced from 100% sustainable farms in a number of communities in Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Tanzania, India, Ethiopia, and Vietnam.

Discover our day-by-day commitment and all the Lavazza ¡Tierra! Projects.


Behind the scenes of a journey together


Johana and Alexandra started off a mission to take one of Johana’s coffee plants from Meta, Colombia, to Cartago, Costa Rica, where it will be preserved forever. The two protagonists of the documentary will travel through many places and meet several people who, like Johana, experienced the struggles of the Colombian war and the peace that came after it.

Discover  the backstage of the documentary production through a video and a set of pictures.

Discover more about Johana and Alexandra

Johana - Coffee Defender

Johana, the protagonist the Lavazza’s film, is a young Colombian woman who lost everything during the armed conflict with the FARC guerrillas, but managed to take back control of her own life and that of her six children. 

Alexandra Roca - The Reporter

Alexandra Roca, the reporter of the docufilm, who has written about women’s rights and the movements supporting indigenous communities. After returning to Colombia to document the country’s recovery after the armed conflict, she helps Johana tell her own story of difficulties and hope.

The Lavazza Foundation

The Giuseppe e Pericles Lavazza Onlus Foundation, founded in 2004, promotes and implements economic, social and environmental sustainability projects to support coffee producing communities around the world.

Here are all the special features on the “Coffee Defenders: a Path from Coca to Coffee".
Coffee Defenders Press Releases


Download the Coffee Defenders Press Releases to discover all the details of the Lavazza first documentary.

The characters of the Coffee Defenders docufilm


Read more about the main characters of the journey to Colombia, from coca to coffee. Meet the director Oscar Ruiz Navia, one of the best-known voices in contemporary Colombian cinema, Alexandra Roca, the reporter of the docufilm and Johana, our Coffee Defender.

The Official Coffee Defenders Playbill


We also have the Coffee Defenders Playbill available to download!



The best videos of the ¡Tierra! Colombia project by Lavazza Foundation.



The Sustainability Report


Like every year, Lavazza continues to illustrate its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and has renewed its membership to the Global Compact. Read and download our Sustainability Report, “A Goal in every cup”.