Joining the UN Global Compact and Global Goals

Sustainability is based on continuous evolution and an awareness of one’s own limits, strengths, and priorities.

Listening to and engaging with stakeholders are key elements in the path to forging shared values across the entire supply chain. With this awareness, Lavazza has welcomed the global-scale principles of sustainability established by the United Nations. 

Lavazza and the UN Global Compact

The Global Compact is a United Nations initiative launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 1999 by Kofi Annan. It was born with the aim of aligning, for the first time, the international community and the world of business in facing the challenges of globalisation.


With its entry into the Global Compact, in 2017, Lavazza joined a network of more than 9,000 players, from the private sector and beyond, from more than 135 countries engaged in the promotion and implementation of ten ethical principles divided into categories: "Respect for human rights", "Respect for the environment", "Fight against corruption". Lavazza is inspired by these values to promote, together with its employees, the feeling of belonging to a project of solid and sustainable development.


Lavazza and the Sustainable Development Goals

Lavazza is committed to pursuing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable innovation, the fight against climate change, and commitment to responsible production and consumption create a virtuous circle.
Not only do they benefit the environment and society as a whole, but they also improve production cycle efficiency, reduce waste, curb anti-economic processes, while also benefiting companies’ margins.

For Lavazza, these principles are non-negotiable, not only because our product comes from the transformation of raw, plant-origin materials, potentially threatened by climate change, but above all because the global responsibilities involved in these goals outweigh economic interests and lead the way to a more ethical and sustainable world.